“Goals: Lose weight, gain confidence and look and feel better in her clothes”

    When I walked into Waukesha Fit Body Bootcamp, I was petrified but felt chained to my auto-immune disease, psoriatic arthritis. I had tried other programs & trainers but I would always do things I shouldn’t, hurt myself & quit. I met with the owner Dianna Marcks, who also happens to be a nurse & decided to try again. The coaches there have been so good to me. They always make sure my form is correct, push me but also give me modifications & check to see how I am doing. Every day I feel stronger & push myself a little farther. One thing that I didn’t expect was the support system that I have gained with the unbelievable people that I get sweaty with in class. It’s amazing to hear the encouraging words when your body is shaking, your muscles are burning & you don’t think you can make it another second. You are never alone. I am forever indebted to my family, Dianna, the coaches and my fellow boot campers.

    Dawn lost 20lbs in a six-week challenge.